best tattoo shops

The Best Tattoo Shops

Whether you are looking for a traditional, old school tattoo, or something tribal, an Asian design, a black and gray, or even a bio-mechanical tattoo, it is the quality of the final image that matters more than anything except its personal significance for you. Any quality and greatest tattoo designs must be performed by a talented tattoo artist, and if you are looking for a tattoo artist with a great reputation and extraordinary skills, you will definitely find such artists in these top-rated tattoo shops:

  • Saved Tattoo (UNITED STATES)
  • (Toronto) Ink Tattoo & Laser Studio
  • Tattoo Temple (CHINA
  • Tin Tin Tatouages (FRANCE)
  • Sleeve masters (AUSTRALIA)
  • Leu Family Iron (SWITZERLAND)
best tattoo shops saved tattoo

Saved Tattoo (UNITED STATES)

You will probably have a long wait if you want to get your tattoo done by legendary Scott Campbell, but plenty of movie stars and musicians have put their name on Campbell's waiting list.

best tattoo shops ink tattoo laser studio

(Toronto) Ink Tattoo & Laser Studio

The amazingly talented Mark Prata is one of the worlds most iconic tattoo artists, famous for his vibrantly colored, neo-traditional pieces & professional photographer and art designer.

best tattoo shops tattoo temple studio

Tattoo Temple Studio (CHINA)

Joey Pang is a world-renowned master tattoo artist and philosopher who established the Tattoo Temple in 2006. She has since pioneered a unique technique of brush-stroke tattooing.

best tattoo shops Tin Tin Tatouages

Tin Tin Tatouages (FRANCE)

For more than thirty years, tattoo artist Tin Tin has been designing body art for Europes most acclaimed celebrities. Tin Tin is credited with elevating the art of tattoo to a new level.

best tattoo shops sleeve masters

Sleeve masters (AUSTRALIA)

This iconic tattoo studio in Sydneys red light district has been called the busiest tattoo shop in the world. It is certainly the most prevalent tattoo parlor in Australia.

best tattoo shops Leu Family Iron

Leu Family Iron (SWITZERLAND)

The Leu Familys Family Iron: Filip Leu and his parents and siblings are a family of bohemian artists who have traveled the world and settled in Switzerland to establish Family Iron.